Popular Computer-Related Careers

Popular Computer-Related Careers

As computers and internet continue to be an integral part of today's businesses, the salaries and popularity of careers in computers continues to grow in 2007.

At home, at work, at play; while traveling via airplane, automobile, or train; during open heart surgery and on Wall Street, computers continue to assimilate into nearly every aspect of everyday life. It's no surprise that careers in computer related fields are growingly popular in 2007. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor says that information systems and computer security careers will grow at a much more rapid rate than normal in 2007.

Computers are essential to modern business and commerce. The reality is that computers have saturated the economy to a point that computer work can be found in nearly every business sector. As new technologies such as Wi-Fi (wireless internet) emerge, new jobs and career specialties are created. While computer careers employ workers in every business sector, most of the new jobs are felt in web development, data, security and associated services.

In a world where eCommerce (on-line stores and electronic transactions) is becoming a huge part of many businesses, more and more Web Developers are needed. Web Developers design applications specifically for the web which usually make use of an Internet server and a client (Internet Explorer or other browser). Salaries for Web Developers are expected to rise 4.2 percent in 2007 and job growth is expected to be around 42 percent, according to the Department of Labor. For Senior Web Developers, salaries should rise by 3.9 percent through 2007.

Another computer career anticipated to experience a significant job surge in 2007 is that of the Network Systems Analyst. Working in close relation to Web Developers, a Network Systems Analyst is responsible for optimizing the computer network to ensure smooth flow of data and promote better communications in the office. Through 2014, Systems Analysts are expected to experience more than 54.6 percent additional jobs and that's certainly something to consider if you're thinking about broadening your horizons or changing your career altogether.

Ever changing computer technology calls for new skill development and ongoing education from workers. While many computer careers call for a 2-year or 4-year degree as a prerequisite, continuing education is a major part of these jobs as well. So how does one start on the path to an education in a computer-related career? ComputerSchools.com is a comprehensive website that provides a huge directory of computer schools and programs all of all types. Additionally, computer students and professionals can take advantage of numerous articles providing guidance and advice regarding their career and education on ComputerSchools.com.

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