Computer Career Statistics

Computer Career Statistics
  • There were about 675,000 computer software engineering jobs in 2002; employees in those jobs earned an average salary of $70,990. Starting salaries for bachelor's degree holders were around $50,000.
  • There were approximately 499,000 computer programmers in 2002 earning an average salary of $60,290. Starting salaries were around $46,000.
  • Computer operators held approximately 182,000 jobs in 2002. Their average salary was $29,650, while computer operators employed by the Federal government had an average salary of $41,117 (in 2003).
  • The field of theoretical computer science (defining which problems can and cannot be solved by computers) was founded by Alan Turing.
  • The first all-electronic computer, the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was commissioned by the US Army in 1943 to calculate ballistic firing tables.
  • The first computers were mechanical and used electromechanical components, called relays. In the 1940's, electronic computers were first built using thermionic valves (or tubes). Valves were gradually replaced with transistors, and finally, in the 1970s, semiconductor integrated circuits (silicon chips) became widely used. We still use silicon chips today.
  • In 1993, approximately 4.6 million households were online in the US. Seven years later, 122.7 million households were online.
  • Between 1997 and 2000, internet sales went up 1,200%
  • Though a computer originally meant a person who computed things (go figure), today “computer” refers to a machine that processes information from data according to a program (a program is just a set of instructions).
  • Moore's Law posits that computers have become exponentially more powerful over the years. Today's computers are much smaller than original computers, but also much faster and more efficient.
  • The most common type of computer in use today is the “embedded computer” – a small computer used to control another device. These are found in cars, airplanes, digital cameras, etc.

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