Choosing a Computer School

Choosing a Computer School

In the world of computers, every day brings something new. Technology is continually evolving and computer training programs must meet the challenge to keep current on industry trends. Selecting a school that modifies its programs to stay up-to-date is vital – no matter how great the degree, if it is based upon old technology, it is worthless in a competitive job market.

Computer programs are offered by traditional four-year colleges as well as community colleges and career training schools. When deciding what kind of school to attend, the student must consider his or her career goals and what kind of training will best help meet these goals. Students must also consider computer specializations. What specific major is most appealing, and which schools have the best programs for such a specialization?

Students should be sure to visit the school's facilities and see in person how hands-on the curriculum is and how current the computer labs are. It is important to ask about the access students have to the labs, and also about career placement and internship opportunities. When it comes to internships, a school's location can be an important factor. If a student wants to someday work for Microsoft, he or she should think about attending school in the Seattle area. All students should ask the career placement office about the percentage of graduates working in their chosen field, and also find out how long it took graduates, on average, to find full time employment.

Finally, one should make sure the selected school is accredited by a reputable organization. The United States Department of Education maintains a list of approved accrediting agencies.

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